Superchic – Freakshow

This is Freakshow by Superchic and it’s part of theΒ new “The Night Of Terror” Halloween nail lacquers! πŸŽƒπŸ’…πŸ»

This one is called “Freakshow” and it has a hint of dark blood with the holographic glitters over it and it has a gorgeous feel to it entirely! Stunning!


Happy New Year’s 2017!

Since I had a lot of time to think this through, I was able to do a nail art design, and came up with this:

(Yes, that on my thumb is the One World Trade Center and my ring finger is the Empire State Building)

but then, I didn’t quite like it, so I made this, and I like it so much more! :

It’s the street sign, NYC logo, Statue of Liberty, Ball drop from Times Square and the new Year!