Hand bones challenge

These are not stamps. I literally took the time to actually draw these and it took so long!

I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to do this directly on my nails without failing before, so I took the safe route and drew them over nail polish on this rubber mat by MyBlissKiss. It took me 5 tries before I was actually able to do the cross bones with stars pattern, even using a tiny brush to do this made it so hard!

It was very difficult to create which is why I added a black/white gradient to the other nails to vary the design.

Also, I cut my nails before doing this design, and the entire “flipping” hand didn’t fit on my thumb, which is why it was a bit cut off on top. That’s why I’m including the original drawing so you can see the entire “middle finger up” like Beyoncé likes to sing now.

Dragon Ball Nails (Behind the scenes)

Well, for people who don’t know, making these complicated nail arts takes time and often, it’s a mess. For these nails, I didn’t want to do them over my natural nails because it would take a long time and I needed both nails to work efficiently, so I decided to take some UHU Adhesive Reusable Putty:

And an empty plastic container and adhere the fake nails to it so I could work easily. This gave me the freedom to move around, gather supplies and work to my ❤️’s content.

Working on fake nails also gave me the liberty to let it dry by itself instead of worrying I’d ruin all the work I’d done while the nails were drying, and a tiny secret here: the amount of layers on these nails is a lot.

Then, I painted the nails with the base color:

After doing all the white nails, I realized some of the nails didn’t have a white base but rather a skin tone for the characters, so I repainted those and while they dried, I stamped on 2 tiny purple stars on the orange nail.


4 more to go…

When I was trying to work on my first actual nail art, Cell, I was trying to draw on a silhouette so I could paint it later. BIG MISTAKE. You can see the semi-covered mistake here:

But! We don’t shy away from mistakes and decided to cover up the entire thing so I could pretend I didn’t make any mistakes. AAAAAND IT WORKED. (Don’t worry about the bumpiness, any top coat fixes that and smoothes out any mistakes 😉 )

The rest of the nails were surprisingly easier to make, but they did take a while to dry.


Once everything was done, it was just a matter of waiting for them to try and placing them over my own nails to take the picture!

Check out the final images here: Dragon ball Nails

Michelle 💅🏻