Because it’s sunny and hot outside…

I had a fun time making these nails cause they were made using the “advanced stamping” technique. Just like the cassettes. I applied some top coat to the Simply Neat Miracle Mat and applied the blank stamp over them. Then proceded to color them and peel them off to “paste” over the already there gradient! So cute!

Who remembers these??

Again with the “old me” here!

Have you heard of “Advanced Stamping” or “Reverse stamping”?

It’s a very cool technique that can also add some pizzazz to your stamps. You can do this directly onto the stamper, a plastic Ziplock baggie or actually do it on a silicone mat (like I did).

If you’re going to use the silicone mat for this, add a top coat to your mat so you can stamp over it (trust me, it makes it easier to pick up after.)

Stamp your design over them, and color your design to your taste. Remember to work in layers, and the first color you start coloring first will be the one that is the top layer when you pick them up and apply them to your nails.

Once you’re satisfied with the design, you can add another layer of top coat to your decals and then wait 20 ish minutes for them to dry completely before peeling them off.

Make your nails sticky by adding a thin layer of colored or transparent polish to your nails and position the decal over the nail where you desire. Then, smooth out with a cleaning brush and a bit of acetone, and finally add a glossy top coat to blend in everything and you’ve got some nice intricate decals on your nails!

Reminds me of the Backstreet Boys…

Back when I was a teen… oh man, didn’t think I’d start it this way!… ahem /*cough*/.

Back when I was a teen, there was a huge boy band called “The Backstreet Boys”.

And they were all over the place. They were extremely popular and there was sort of a fan rivalry between them and “N’SYNC”. (Yeah, I remembered the apostrophe haha)

Well, these Backstreet Boys, had an album called “Black and Blue” from which came the popular songs “The Call” and “Shape of my Heart” (aaww, nostalgia!). This was the cover:

And today, trying out these black studs over my nails reminded me so much of that album, and that boy band that used to be so successful back in the 90’s – 2000s. So… I guess, I give you:


Yes! Double Stamping!

I’m by no means a professional when it comes to drawing but I do understand the importance of giving life to your pictures. And the easiest way to do that is by adding a shadow somewhere to show where the light is coming from. It gives it a je ne sais quoi, that makes the picture look 3D, real.

It hadn’t occurred to me, I could also do this with stamping. The whole idea of stamping one color over another seems absurd until you give it a shot. In this case, it adds depth to the flowers showing that there is light shining on them from one side and there is shadow on another. The effect is just wow for me! I’m definitely going to try to do this a hell of a lot more often.

I chose a bigger design just so that the shadow could be easily seen on a more intricate design and the effect is just as if I had taken the time to outline the white stamp with black acrylic paint.