Rectangular Glitter

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against rectangular glitter, but it does annoy me a bit. My nails are far too curve for this kind of glitter to adhere nicely to my nails, so it always ends up bumpy as hell!

But every so often, I decide to jump back into the ship and try it out.

Suffice to say, this design lasted a whole 10 min before I decided it was time to peel it off.


So here’s the thing. I was playing around with striping tape, and forgot that I was using a peel off base coat for a second when pulling off the tape. Thus, leaving me with a semi-peeled design. But no frets! Holo glitter fixes everything! It’s barely noticeable after the glitter is on.

(Yes, the bottom photo has a filter lol)

Natural french tips

Very rarely am I excited to brag about having done french tips on my nails, but I’m happy on several things in this photo.

  1. The tips are all the same size
  2. The nails therefore have the same growth
  3. They’re all natural
  4. There is no overflow of white polish on the tips
  5. the nail bed looks “mostly” uniform
  6. The tips were done free-hand with my left hand. (This is my right hand)
  7. The nail shapes in general.