Pink and Black Mandalas

For some reason, when thinking of color combinations, Avril Lavigne popped into my head when she released her “The Best Damn Thing” album.
She was wearing blond hair with pink streaks and the whole thing screamed pink goth, and I loved it!

So, I thought, this is the perfect color combination for a mani!

And these were born:

Rock on Avril!

Netflix – The Confession Tapes

Have you ever watched that show?

It’s about people who have been suspects in a case and have wrongfully admitted guilt even when all the evidence points to them not being really guilty.

And these people have admitted guilt to these crimes only because they have been interrogated for so long, or they have been tricked into actually admitting guilt.

Very similar to “Making a murderer”.

Anywho, these are inspired on that particular show, and if you’re interested, you should watch it!