Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice…BEETLEJUICE!

go[jYou know, it’s October…

and it’s halloween soon…

and the one person that will always be synonymous with halloween is….

When I was a little kid, I watched the movie first and then used to watch the cartoons religiously after school. I absolutely loved the idea of Beetlejuice and thought he was so cool.

So, now I decided it was about time I did some Beet..(oh, don’t say his name again) nails. I saw one nail design with his tie in purple and decided to do that and to add my own personal twist to the manicure, decided to make his boots and cuffs of his pants on my thumb. I think it looks pretty sick.

For my right hand, I decided to just use the same colors and add dots. Simple, yet it looks like you took your time to do things and it’s a controlled design haha.

I guess now I’ll go listen to Harry Belafonte’s “Banana Boat” song!