I dream of Jeannie

When I was little, I used to watch “I dream of Jeannie” all the time, but it is only until now that I’ve had the pleasure of binging the entire show (I’m on season 3 right now). I absolutely loved the character and loved the chemistry between Tony and Jeannie.

I do agree with Larry Hagman (Major Anthony Nelson), Barbara Eden (Jeannie)  and Bill Daily (Major Roger Healey) that marrying Tony and Jeannie killed the series but I still enjoy it very dearly. It is why I had to recreate some of the intro images on my nails.

Lovely series!

Actual Watermelon Nails

YAY! Today is my birthday and of course I had to have special nails for today.

I wanted to have something summer themed and what a better summer fruit than watermelon slices? This design is so easy to do but due to the very curved shape of my nails, the green/white lines aren’t as visible so I had to make them thicker. Still, it looks very “summer-y” and I like it very much 🙂

Happy Birthday to Meeee!

Hand bones challenge

These are not stamps. I literally took the time to actually draw these and it took so long!

I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to do this directly on my nails without failing before, so I took the safe route and drew them over nail polish on this rubber mat by MyBlissKiss. It took me 5 tries before I was actually able to do the cross bones with stars pattern, even using a tiny brush to do this made it so hard!

It was very difficult to create which is why I added a black/white gradient to the other nails to vary the design.

Also, I cut my nails before doing this design, and the entire “flipping” hand didn’t fit on my thumb, which is why it was a bit cut off on top. That’s why I’m including the original drawing so you can see the entire “middle finger up” like Beyoncé likes to sing now.

Neon tips

When I tried to make this nail art, it was just because I was obsessed with Neon colors but didn’t notice until after I had this on my nails that I realized it looks just like my sneakers!

I re-did them because they didn’t have enough neon on the tips, and because some of them had already chipped off.

Original Nails:

New Nails:

Sneaker comparison:

Wooden Planks!

I’ve been meaning to try out this wood stamp and it looks…weird. Cause I didn’t use the right colors hehe. I used a very dark chocolatey base and used a sand color to make the stamp but it looks a little gray. Still, I really like how clean the design looks! Might actually try this again.