Orange Crayola with Fun Lacquer Dust

In here I’m using @sally_hansen’s Crayola collaboration polish SunsetOrange502 as a base
and one of funlacquer’s new set of #holographic topCoats. This one is Gold Diamond Dust and it looks absolutely gorgeous over any color! It’s as sparkly as ever and I love it!


Holo lines

I had this amazing idea that I could stamp gel polish and use gel powder on top to make a stamped design. But…. life is cruel.
And it is not possible to stamp gel polish.

It comes off on the stamper looking like water. The design is totally lost.
So naturally, the only alternative was to actually draw the design with a
brush, cure that, apply the polish and make it work.

Basically, I painted the base black, added a matte top coat so the powder
would only stick to the parts with gel and this is what come out:

Not bad eh?

To see the video, head over to my Instagram! (Or wait for me to update this post XP)


Superchic Lacquer – 40 Winks


Sally Hansen’s Crayola Insta Dri – 512 Denim

Sally Hansen has come out with a bunch of Crayola inspired nail polishes
and I’ve been trying them out. This is a gorgeous deep blue that is fully
opaque in one coat, but I used two coats just to make sure!

And this is the same color with Cirque Colors We Trippy Holo Top Coat.
It dims down the opacity of the blue, but it’s still a nice contrast.
I dig it.


Cirque Colors Fame and We Trippy Holo Top Coat

Sometimes a very subtle holographic top coat adds so much more to the base color.
That’s exactly the case here.
(And yes, I’m deeply ashamed of that tiny scratch on my middle finger….omg)


Superchic – Freakshow

This is Freakshow by Superchic and it’s part of the new “The Night Of Terror” Halloween nail lacquers! 🎃💅🏻

This one is called “Freakshow” and it has a hint of dark blood with the holographic glitters over it and it has a gorgeous feel to it entirely! Stunning!


Glitter Burnish

There’s this thing called glitter burnish in which you take a semi-dry nail polish and you apply loose glitter on it applying some pressure to make sure the glitters are all lying down next to each other making it more reflective and less clumpy. I love the technique!