“Just like fabric…”

There is a technique called “Dry Brushing” on which you take a nail polish brush, clean it as much as you can and then use whatever polish is left on the brush to create random strokes on your nails. This creates a “fabric” effect on your nails, and an effect that will never be able to be reproduced exactly as you did it that time. It’s unique!

Reminds me of the Backstreet Boys…

Back when I was a teen… oh man, didn’t think I’d start it this way!… ahem /*cough*/.

Back when I was a teen, there was a huge boy band called “The Backstreet Boys”.

And they were all over the place. They were extremely popular and there was sort of a fan rivalry between them and “N’SYNC”. (Yeah, I remembered the apostrophe haha)

Well, these Backstreet Boys, had an album called “Black and Blue” from which came the popular songs “The Call” and “Shape of my Heart” (aaww, nostalgia!). This was the cover:

And today, trying out these black studs over my nails reminded me so much of that album, and that boy band that used to be so successful back in the 90’s – 2000s. So… I guess, I give you: