Shower Curtain Inspiration 2

Inspiration does strike in extremely random ways.

Specially when it’s the second time, I take inspiration in my shower curtain.

While searching for shower curtains, I found a black one with gold lips printed on it. My decor already has a ton of black, so this was perfect!

And so easy to re-create!

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There are days when you simply can’t.

When you have too much to do and, you can’t be bothered to do anything else other than sleep when you get home. Even a complex nail art. Am I right!?

So you do this:

Oops (Updated)

Update (5PM EST)

I’ve managed to update all link images to the new service and they should all be working as usual from now on. Thanks again for your patience!



Ok, so something happened.

I’ve been using a “not  bad but not exactly good practice” way to display images on my blog, and I received an email from Dropbox saying that they’re dropping support for the public folder in every account … tomorrow.

Got the email about a week ago, but I haven’t exactly had time to fix it before, so, I’m running a last minute maintenance on the site. Meaning, don’t panic if you don’t see the images tomorrow. I’ll be moving from using Dropbox to a new kind of storage and will be fixing this as soon as I can. Hopefully it’ll go well.

If it doesn’t, I’ll let you know haha.

Thank you if you’ve visited, or subscribed or liked or just seen my nail art. I will see you soon! 😀 (have several ones I haven’t posted yet, but you can see them on my Instagram account in the right side bar ———————————————–>)

Like they say in french, à bientôt (see you soon) !