So here’s the thing. I was playing around with striping tape, and forgot that I was using a peel off base coat for a second when pulling off the tape. Thus, leaving me with a semi-peeled design. But no frets! Holo glitter fixes everything! It’s barely noticeable after the glitter is on.

(Yes, the bottom photo has a filter lol)

Complicated Gradient? Nah…

I’d seen this kind of gradient before and hadn’t tried it myself. It’s so easy to make yet it takes a bit for the coats to fully dry before using the tiny, annoying 2mm tape that is sticky all over!

The contrast between the colors is fabulous and the effect is a little confusing until you look a little closer.

And of course… it’s always a little better if you add a little holo!

Can’t see the haters, blinded by the Holo!

A very holo french.

This is my take on the very elegant french tip using holos and striping tape. TBH, all you need to do is be very patient so you can achieve the correct distances. To make the actual white tip, I used normal tape and over that I placed the striping tape so I could create the design.

Using a white base, waiting for it to dry, then applying a quick dry top coat, I was able to place the tape and cover the nail with Color Club holos and the result was very shiny and holographic!