Sunflower over Crayola Nails

I may be the 1 out of 20 people that can’t wait for #fall to start. It’s not that summer isn’t enjoyable, it just feels like I dress better for any other season of the year. Ha ha! Okay, enough with the #weatherRant. This look combines the cheerful colors of summer in the #🌻s with the darker much anticipated (sorry! 😂) fall colors.
I’m using sally hansen’s Crayola collaboration polish VividViolet508 as a base
and Twinkled_t’s 🌈 rainbow stamping polish in yellow and orange because they are pigmented enough to cover the purple without problems. For the center of the flowers, I’m using @Revlon’s #revlonperfumerie polish #ChocolateTruffle115 which smells delicious! 😋


Happy Birthday David Bowie!

I was at work a year ago when I found of David Bowie’s passing and his name rung a bell but I didn’t know I liked so much of his music without knowing it was him. After further research, I realized who he was and he was so omnipresent in my life that I started following his work. Today I celebrate the Starman’s 70th Birthday with Aladdin Sane, Blackstar, Diamond Dogs cover logo, Earthling coat and Pierrot, the sad clown from Ashes To Ashes and the cover of ScaryMonsters.  I’ll meet you someday on Mars. 😊

Happy Birthday Ziggy Stardust 👨🏻‍🎤 I’m a ★.

Happy New Year’s 2017!

Since I had a lot of time to think this through, I was able to do a nail art design, and came up with this:

(Yes, that on my thumb is the One World Trade Center and my ring finger is the Empire State Building)

but then, I didn’t quite like it, so I made this, and I like it so much more! :

It’s the street sign, NYC logo, Statue of Liberty, Ball drop from Times Square and the new Year!